Week 2: Cleanse Your Soul

Week 2 Cleanse Your Soul 

Last week was all about frame of mind, and getting your headspace into a positive spot. This week is all about ‘feeling good’, and this means doing things that are just genuinely good for your soul. This doesn’t mean you completely leave behind the tasks of last week – rather, you bring them forward into this week. Use your mantras, revisit and if necessary reevaluate your goals and on those ‘off’ days (we all have them) reread your self love quotes! This week requires a little more effort, because essentially you are doing things that we often don’t do due to time, kids, life.. Where possible try your best to fit them in, but of course if that don’t align with your lifestyle then of course you can alter them to suit e.g – heading out into nature may not be possible – find a calming alternative – perhaps a yoga or dance class? Or even a little dance party with the kids at home – something to get your endorphins (happy hormone) flowing!

Unfollow anyone on social media that doesn’t inspire you, or add positive value

Having negative energy / people around can really dent your mood. When we release / set free this negative energy / people we are able to more easily focus on the positive without a cloud of negativity hanging over us. Remove, unfollow, block anyone on social media (and your life) that does not bring you joy. If you find yourself constantly feeling a bad vibe from a certain person – then they have to go. If someone is always such a downer, finding the bad in every situation – then they too, have to go. Life is too short to be surrounded by people that only bring you down through their actions, even if these actions aren’t directed at you – it’s that negative energy association that rubs off on us!

Create a list of things you LOVE

Create a list of things you LOVE. There are so many things in life to LOVE, so this shouldn’t be too hard. Have a favourite dress that makes you feel gorgeous every single time you wear it? Then pop it on the list! Does the way your child laughs give you butterflies? On the list! It can be as simple as a delicious food, or as complex as the way you feel when you visit a certain place. There is no limit to this list – as many things as you want.

Get out in nature – go sit by the ocean, amongst the forest.. And just listen.

Take your life outside today, on your own or with the kids. Go for a walk along the beach, in the bush or just sit in your garden. Enjoy the fresh air, the quiet noise of nature and take in your surrounding. Be sure to take a few deep breaths, listen to the sounds of the birds or waves, and feel the breeze or the sun touch your skin.
Immersing yourself in mother nature is not only good for the soul but for everything else within YOU. Getting out, breathing in fresh air and taking in nature works as a natural stress reliever, reduces anxiety and depression, restores your mental energy, increases your short term memory and concentration, sharpens your creativity and thinking and gives you an overall health boost – reducing inflammatory symptoms, better vision (in children), increased immune system and preliminary research has even found that when spending time in forests particularly, may stimulate production of anti cancer proteins.
So what are you waiting for?

For an entire day do things that only bring you joy.

Today is all about YOU and YOUR happiness. Think about what brings you joy and go do it! Don’t question it, over think it or worry about what others will think, everyone deserves to be happy and happiness is soley determined by YOU.
Research shows that those who are happy have more energy, are more productive, consistently evolve through out their life, are healthier, live longer and enjoy life.
So what are you waiting for? Go and do whatever it is that brings you happiness, you will be a better person for it.

Do something creative – buy some pottery clay, paint a canvas, complete a mosaic, colour in an abstract image. 

Summon your artistic talents and take on a creative project today. As an adult you will find yourself stressed and mentally drained on a regular basis due to the day to day tasks required of you, often leaving you without a positive outlet to destress and reboot. Self care is important for all and channeling your inner child is the best way to be the best adult version of YOU. So grab some pencils and start colouring – this will not only let your creatives juices ooze but it’s also likened to a form of meditation and if you have little ones, they can join in with you. Win win win. If colouring isnt your thing, than find what ever it is that allows your inner creative flow and just let go.
Allowing yourself the time to be creative will reduce depression and anxiety, boost your health, destress, regulate your emotions, improve brain productivity and ma ce you HAPPY!

Go social media free for at least 6 hours (if you can’t do it for the entire day).
If you’re like most then you probably find yourself dependent on your phone and social media is your life line. Are you continuously refreshing the page? Forever scrolling even though you’ve seen it all or using social media as a means to procrastinate and avoid the “real” world? It definitely has its perks, connecting with like minded others, support, empowerment and inspiration is easy to find if you know where to look.. it’s also the reason you’re doing the Empower You Project (woohoo) but sometimes it can be draining, you may find yourself getting caught up on “fitting” in, unrealistic expectations you put on yourself because of what others choose to portray, question whether what you want to share is worthy of sharing to others and even base your daily decisions on how it will be perceived on social media. Well, no more of that! At least not today.. Today you’re learning to let go of social media and enjoy the here, now and YOUR own life – which is pretty AMAZING! Don’t let it pass you by.

Cook and eat some soul food

Sometimes you just need to let go of all inhibition and EAT.. Go crazy kids, get wild, be like NIKE and Just do it! The world is constantly telling you about what you should and shouldn’t eat but what is often not said enough is, its about balance. It’s OK to treat yo self! More importantly its essential! Taste is an important sense that you should definitely be indulging, maybe not every day with high fats and sugars but once in awhile, is perfectly OK. Food is linked to feelings and stimulates your own memories and other senses that make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. So take yourself on a journey of guilt free happiness and enjoy.