Week 1: Mind and Mentality

Welcome to Week One of the Empower YOU Project.

Congratulations on taking the first step in finding yourself and becoming the best version of YOU that you can be, not just for yourself but your loved ones too. Remember you can not pour from an empty jug. I want you to think of yourself as a jug and your loved ones as cups, in order to fill others up and be who you you are destined to be, you must first fill yourself.

Week One is all about your mind and mentality. Over the next 7 days, each daily task that you are asked to complete will take a holistic approach, all complimenting eachother. They are designed to help nourish your mind, and to change the way you think about your life. With a major focus on creating positive energy within yourself and shifting your mindset into an optimistic outlook, so you can SLAY at life.

The tasks are not only designed to help yourself, but they are also ‘shareable’. Meaning, if you choose to, you can share your journey with others – in the hope of inspiring them to join in. We will be sharing alot of our journeys over on social media (mainly Instagram) as we really want to not only make positive changes in our own lives, but also the lives of others. If you choose to share on Instagram don’t forget to use the hashtag #empoweryouproject – so we can all connect and inspire one another.

Below are this weeks tasks. If at any time you feel you need extra support, or someone to talk to – please don’t hesitate to reach out to Stevie or Bec. We also welcome any feedback or suggestions.

Start a journal

Be it in a book, blog or on your social media. Write down why you are joining the Empower You Project and what you want to achieve at the end of it. Include a small list of goals – both short term and long term.

It is important for us to set intentions and goals as both a short and long term focus. Short term goals should be achievable, and keep you motivated. Long term goals take in the ‘bigger picture’ and are ones you can work toward. In order to achieve goals we need to remain accountable, which is why recording them and setting your intentions at the very beginning is needed. When you are able to reflect on how far you have come, and all that you have achieved, you will feel inspired and motivated to continue on a positive path.

Find a Quote that inspires you

Sometimes it is easier to resonate with the words that are already written down for you. There are some amazing quotes to be found on pinterest / google (thank god for the internet right?). There was an overwhelming response to this last week when Bec asked on Instagram for everyone to share a quote that inspires them. If you are feeling creative – write the quote down in your nicest hand writing and decorate around it – whilst you do this – think about why it inspires you. We would love to see your creation – feel free to DM it to us, or better yet – share it with the world and post a photo of it. During the week  refer back to this quote when needed.

Write a list of everything you’re grateful for

It’s important for your overall psychological and social wellbeing to regularly practice gratitude. It has been scientifically proven that showing gratitude increases your positive outlook in life, helps you cope more sufficiently in high stress situations, decreases the importance you place on materialistic things, reduces health complaints and the negatives energies you hold onto within yourself.

Unfortunately gratitude isn’t always an automatic response, majority of the population have unintentionally learnt to take their lives and the good things in it for granted. By regularly making a conscious effort to identify the things you should be grateful for, you are retraining your brain and thought process to have a positive outlook. By shifting your mindset into a positive focus, it will subconsciously retrain those around you to do so too (especially more impressionable minds, like children) there for increasing not only your own quality of life but others too.

Create your own mantra eg I am strong, I am loved, I am valued.  

Similarly to the quote that inspires you, mantras have a brilliant place in keeping our mindset positive and focused. We will be creating our own mantra that is relevant to where we are currently within this journey. It should relate to your goals and intentions, and be something that you can recite during challenging times. Mine will focus on drawing strength when I’m struggling with the kids. Eg ‘I was chosen for them, for a reason’. This gives purpose, whilst also reaffirming that we are only given what we can handle.

Put post-it notes on the mirror to remind yourself of all the things you LOVE about YOU

We are our harshest critics, most of us are guilty of picking ourselves to pieces –  finding flaws that no one else would even notice. Today is all about self love. Remind yourself that you have so many things to LOVE. Every time you look in that mirror today – focus on the things you LOVE about YOU and forget the ‘bits’ you aren’t fond of.

For an entire day, NO complaining

Find the positive in every situation that arises throughout the day, today. Even during the times that test your patience or are causing you to become overcome with negative emotions, there is still a silver lining – you just need to find it.

Focusing on the good will leave you feeling good on the inside and will radiate on the outside. Much like practicing gratitude, being positive is contagious and this is one of the first steps to help make the world a better place for not only you but everyone else in future too.

Similarly to (Day Three – gratitude), When you retrain the way you think and learn to have a positive outlook in life, your overall quality of life will improve. Reducing ailments, helping to overcome any mental health issues you may be battling and will assist in forging a path to your own success in life – whatever that looks like for YOU.

Reflect on your week

Revisiting the goals you set in place at the beginning and reevaluate whether any changes need to be made moving forward into the next week.

Are you feeling yourself in a more positive mind space? Ready for Week 2? Next week our focus will be on Igniting your Spirit. What sets your soul on fire? What inspires you? Have you found your ‘why’ or purpose? We can’t wait !