Empower You Project


Often times we get ‘lost’ in Life, forgetting who we were before the world told us who we should be. The stresses of life take a hold and more often than not we are locked into ‘survival mode’.

Self love, acceptance and nourishment is extremely important to not only function as a human being, but to thrive as a friend, daughter, mother, wife/partner, colleague, and a contributing member of society. We cannot pour from an empty vessel – and in order to give to others, we also need to give to ourselves. This is where our EMPOWER YOU PROJECT comes into play.

We want to inspire, encourage and motivate each and every one of you, to become the BEST version of yourself, and to wholeheartedly love who you are as much as your loved ones love you, we really are our own worst enemy and critics at times. This is a holistic approach – nurturing our MIND, BODY and SOULS. We are about encouraging positivity, changing the way you see yourself, how you see the world, and how your journey through motherhood. Let’s unite to embrace YOU and one another, in a movement that is set to ignite the fire within us all toward total EMPOWERMENT.

Through this project we will have a series of weekly holistic ‘challenges’, each week having a different focus, with daily tasks that are designed to bring us closer to embracing who we are, learning to love ourselves and find contentment in our journey through life. The beauty about these ‘challenges’ is, that we aren’t competing against each other, but purely sharing our growth, inspiring, empowering and embracing one another and our differences.

As if doing it for yourself isn’t encouragement enough, we have thrown in some amazing little self love goodies that will be raffled off at the end of each month to all participants. So you’re in? FAB!

What now?

Firstly we would love you to follow us over on Instagram (if you aren’t already) as this is where we will be sharing, reminding and encouraging you all of the daily challenges (and ourselves too).

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Next; SIGN UP HERE. From time to time we will email you updates, extra info and any other goodies that will help you along your way.

Finally; Join our private members only Motherhood Uncensored group on facebook. This is the spot where we will all support, inspire, motivate, share and have a general chit chat. You can post as much, or as little as you like – free of judgement.

We really want to reach and empower as many of you as possible, so we would love it if you share your daily challenges on instagram. This is also a lovely little way of staying accountable and on track, whilst connecting with other like minded women through searching the hashtag #empoweryouproject (don’t forget to include it on any pics you post). From time to time, we may share snippets from your journeys (with your permission of course) as we really want to share the love around!

Don’t forget to check back here each Sunday/Monday to view the weekly overview & challenges/tasks. You can access these below by clicking on the applicable weekly image.

To access Week 1 tasks click here.