About our Process

Welcome to The Golden Days, we are more than a label, we are a lifestyle. One that embodies relaxed, wholesome living, cherishes being in the moment, seeking fulfilment in the simple, whilst being immersed in the natural beauty of our unique environments that surround us.

Our products are designed by myself, Bec Crombie, in a little studio corner of our home, with the coastal lifestyle in mind. These pieces are designed with the modern day mother and luxe bohemian lady in mind – essentially – where two paths collide. Thoughtful consideration has been had during the design process – as a busy mother of two children I know how important it is to have both hands free on our day to day adventures. In the past I have struggled to find a bag that was large enough to carry everything we required, whilst also maintaining a sense of style (hands up who else has resorted to those large obnoxious plastic Ikea bags lol). This is where the visualisation of my dream ‘carry everything’ bag/tote came to life. Alongside our Oversized Linen Totes – I have incorporated a small range of ‘essential’ accessories. These items are my must haves, especially the headwear, as we all know how crazy our hair can get when wrangling kids all day long. No matter what I’m wearing, as long as I have at least a scrunchie or head wrap on my head I feel somewhat ‘put together’, and more like a lady then ‘just’ a Mum.

The process to bring my vision to fruition hasn’t been a fast one, with every single detail being tweaked and perfected with my own two hands – multiple times over. You can rest assure that this has been a labour of love, and one that has been ‘family proofed’ – tried, tested, thrown, overloaded, dirtied, and washed. I have worked very closely with our manufacturers to ensure our products are of the highest quality, whilst ticking all the boxes – both functionality and aesthetically.

We are very lucky to work with a small group of artisans who respect our product and the process. They first begin by naturally dying the highest quality linen, to our shades of chosen perfection. Our fabric is then gently stone washed to give a desired aged effect, this entire process can take up to a week to achieve. Lastly, a small group of seamstress’ bring our products to life, these are then sent to us in our matching drawstring bags.

Our products are brought to life in accordance to both ethical and sustainable practices. Our artisans and makers are paid fairly, and work under humane working conditions which includes working a maximum of 8 hours a day (which is inclusive of 2 lunch breaks), 5 days a week. We encourage a high level of sustainability when it comes to fabric usage – with off cuts being used to create our scrunchies and drawstring bags. Furthermore, our products are shipped to us without single use plastics.

We hope you love our products as much as we do!