1. a strong desire to travel.
    “a person consumed by wanderlust”

We have always enjoyed travelling. Our younger years pre kids were spent traveling as much as we could afford. We travelled throughout Asia, island hopped in the Pacific and cruised about, making the most of our breaks between study & work. It was only natural that after having children, our desire to travel would continue – the only difference being it was kept quite local and low key. However in more recent times (since our son has started getting a little older) we have been making more elaborate trips. I’m a planner, often when it comes to our travels I will spend hours online scouring through all the resources I can get my hands on to make our trip ‘perfect’. However, when it came to travelling with kids, my research wasn’t quite delivering what I was seeking….

‘Tips on how to survive a 9 hour flight with a Toddler who NEVER sits still?’
‘What foods do cruises have to offer for ‘fussy’ eaters?’
‘Is it socially acceptable to lace your toddlers drink with phenergan prior to long haul flights?’

Ok, I’m joking about the last.. and FYI my sources tell me it’s TOTALLY acceptable, in fact, most adults surrounded by you and your little ‘darling’ on the flight will actually encourage it!

So with this frustration in mind, combined with the mountains of questions my inbox received after returning from an overseas trip with toddler mentioned above, and the fact that I already had some form of blog established – I decided to turn my focus to creating this blog space as more of a place to share our family adventures, travel escapades, and everyday lifestyle.  By doing so, I hope to establish a spot where other families can turn to get the ins and outs of traveling with their tribe, the lowdown on weekend wanderlusting or even just to attempt a delish recipe I’ve shared!

Meet our Tribe..

I’m Bec, a teacher turned stay at home mum to our crazy little coconut Kruize and sweet little wildflower Nylah. I’m the wifey/mumma/creator/photographer/teacher/writer/dreamer one. I love food, summer, animals, coffee and having fun.

My Husband, Ava is the one who brings home the non-bacon, bacon (we mainly eat a pescatarian diet). He loves rugby (of course – all sports actually), movies, music, thrill rides & doing things to annoy me lol!

in our ‘prime’ (lol)

Kruize (2.5 years)
Kruize entered our lives in August of 2013. It’s been a whirlwind from the moment he flew into this world – Literally! He is our ‘spirited’ child, intelligent, wild and free. Kruize loves nature & animals, swimming, art, cooking, dump trucks, diggers, fire engines and trains! He is fab at puzzles and has an insane memory! He challenges us on multiple levels and in ways we never thought possible, but is the most loving big brother.


Nylah (9 months)

Our darling Nylah, our little Wildflower. She has graced this earth for such a short period of time, but we cannot imagine our life without her. She is such a sweet girl, with a laid back personality, beautiful blue eyes & a gorgeous little smile.


The majority of our time is spent exploring parks and beaches, visiting different markets & attractions, or socialising with our friends. We share a love of nature, the outdoors, travelling & exploring new places, eating good food, trying new things and generally just living life to the max. We really struggle to sit still, so most of our weekends are spent Wanderlustin’.