A Special Message from Me..

Hello Sunshine!

Welcome to ‘The Golden Days’ – a special online space where we can celebrate the magical moments of life.

If you’re new to my website & social media, lets rewind a little…

This whole ‘gig’ started out when I took to social media to share my journey when I first became a mother. At this point in time, I was extremely sleep deprived, and up to my eyeballs in the perils of motherhood – especially those LONG nights. 5 years have passed (and I’ve added another kid to the mix) since I first put virtual ‘pen to paper’. In this time I’ve been through the highest of highs, and some pretty challenging lows. I’ve also seen my writing/sharing/purpose evolve in more ways than one.

This place is my outlet. My very own creative space to share with you all. The little bit of ‘adulting’ that I get, amongst the chaos.  It is me grasping onto that last remaining slither of ‘old, pre kids, Bec’. I love sharing my favourites – places, foods, products, adventures. And feel great enjoyment when I’m doing what I love – travelling, capturing memories and doing life with my family by my side. Over the years, I’ve receive lots of questions regarding different things that I post about – be it our travels, daily activities, recipes or products. So here it all is – I’m basically that GF that you can hit up for a recipe at 3am, while you’re up feeding the baby!  I hope that when you visit here, you feel a little spark of magic – whether that be in creative forms, through laughter, or simply gather some inspiration for a weekend adventure.

I love connecting with you all, and appreciate the support from each and every one of you! It is humbling to know that what I share is valued by all the beautiful people who have reached out to me.

Big Love
Bec x