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For our household (and my sanity) it has been really important that we maintain some sense of night time routine, even more so as they’ve gotten older. Our eldest has always been a shocking sleeper – from the moment he arrived on earth our night times were stressful. I used to feel a sense of dread come 3pm, as I was never sure what type of night we would have. Would I be up every 45 minutes on the dot? Most likely. So now that the children are both sleeping a lot better, I like to make the transition from afternoon to bedtime as painless as possible.

We stick (loosely) to the same routine overnight. That way there are no ‘surprises’ (which can throw off our eldest), and both the kids know what needs to be done and in what order. Some children respond best to visual cues – which is where this chart comes in handy. It is nothing fancy, but is easy to use, simple, and child friendly (all the important things). I’ve created it in black and white – so you or your child can colour in the clipart if you want to jazz it up a little! I would recommend you have it laminated – then you can use a white board marker and your child can tick off the elements each night. Alternatively – pom poms with bluetac also make for a cute way to signify completing each task 🙂

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If you would like me to print, laminate and post this chart to you – please follow this link below to purchase a ‘Ready to Use’ copy in our online store! (Please note that this was never my intent to create these to sell – however I have had multiple people asking for a ready to use option on Instagram).

Author: Bec Crombie

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