DIY Photography Flatlay Background

Photography backdrops can be super expensive, and when you’re building a business or blog there is already so much cashflow going outward, that you really need to cut costs where possible. This handy little DIY is one of those instances where you can save yourself a pretty penny to put toward more prioritising things e.g stock, website design, or a presets pack.

I will touch on the importance of branding and brand consistency in a later blog, but just know that these flat lay backgrounds are SOOO handy when it comes to keeping your brand / social media feed consistent.


  • Plywood Pieces. Sizing will really depend on the size of the products you are wanting to photograph. If you are photographing jewellery you’re lucky as 30cm squares would suffice. For my label I need huge pieces. The ones I purchased were $13 from Bunnings.
  • Paint pot samples. $5 from Bunnings for 250ml pots.
  • Paint rollers (tip: get one roller foam per colour, that way you don’t need to wash / dry before moving onto the next colour). $13 for 6 at Bunnings.
  • Paint rolling tray (if you are using large sized ply like I did, I simply poured the paint straight on the ply and didn’t use a rolling tray)

I decided on 6 different colours for my backgrounds, 4 of these colours align with my branding. If you are a label or store, personally I wouldn’t go with many more than 4, just because a lot of colours can be overwhelming on a social media feed, but you also risk the colours clashing with one another. The reason I chose an additional two colours is because I needed a neutral cream to go with a particular product I am releasing (that will clash with any of the other chosen colours), and a muted green blue is needed for my blog (not my label). Of course you can use as many or as few colours as possible, I just think 4 is a happy medium in terms of branding.

3 pieces of ply = 6 colours (one colour front, one colour back)

Total cost for 6 colours = $80.

Obviously this project would be cheaper if your ply pieces were smaller, or you didn’t require 6 different colours 🙂

Happy Painting 🙂

** please note – the above pictures were taken in afternoon natural light. The final image is unedited and no photography lights were used. For best results use in a well lit room under strong morning light or with photography lights 🙂

Author: Bec Crombie

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