Visiting OPSM with Kids

Recently we were approached by OPSM to visit one of their stores, have an eye test, then document and share our experience with you all. As Kruize is coming up to entering school, I thought it was perfect timing, and a good idea to have his eyes tested for the first time, to ensure his vision is all in working order. Since I wear glasses, and have done so for a number of years, it is more likely that the children will need to as well.


When we entered the examination room, he was a little apprehensive at first.  I believe he was feeling slightly overwhelmed by the initial experience of the unknown, however our Optometrist Jenny was super enthusiastic, and had Kruize feeling comfortable – after a fair few up and down rides in the chair ;). I had always wondered how they tested young childrens’ vision – but the exam was quite interactive and playful. By using flashcards, books with black and white images, the electronic optical wall chart (with shapes) and several pairs of ‘magic glasses’, Kruize was asked to indicate toward certain objects. From an observers’ point of view, the tasks required of him were very simple and easy to complete – with multiple changes of lenses throughout the exam, Jenny was able to determine where Kruize’s vision is at.

Once the exam was finished he then had to have photos of his retinas taken, Kruize thought this was great as the machine sounded like an aircraft taking off (it actually did!). However it took a few goes as when one eye was over the view finder – he was using his other eye to look over at the computer screen lol. Eventually we managed to capture the images! Jenny was absolutely fabulous and was keeping us both informed the entire time, the photos were fascinating and being able to see right into the back of the eye is incredible. OPSM calls this the Ultra Wide Digital Retina Scan – which sees FOUR TIMES deeper than a regular scan.


It was decided that Kruize doesn’t require glasses right now, however it will be something that we will need to consider in a year or twos time – mainly for eye fatigue toward the end of the school day. OPSM have released a new range of Rayban Prescription Lenses for kids – you all know I’m a huge fan of Raybans – having both Rayban sunglasses and prescription frames. I thought it would be super cute to have Kruize try on a few pairs, and oh my gosh – check at how adorable he looked! I love that these days,  if your child requires glasses, there are so many on trend frames available (back in my childhood days there were terrible choices). The new Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses even have the Ray-Ban etching in the corner of the lenses. I’ve captured a few of our personal favourites below.

If you have been thinking about paying OPSM a visit with the kids – don’t hesitate – it was honestly super easy, quick and 100% Medicare funded.

Author: Bec Crombie

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