Australia Zoo

We have annual passes to Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and try to make use of these as much as possible. It is a beautiful place, filled with a wide range of animals. The kids love exploring the grounds, visiting the exhibits and roaming free.

Australia Zoo has recently opened a mini water play area which is great for the kids to cool off during the summer months – as it can get really hot walking around – especially out in the ‘Africa’ exhibit.

The animals are extremely well looked after here, all living in very natural environments. The animals which are more ‘interactive’ such as the Kangaroos – also have a ‘rest’ area, which they can retreat to (as seen below the kids, in the video).

I captured one of our visits recently and have shared it on our youtube channel 🙂 It is attached below. Please give us a thumbs up and subscribe if you would love to follow our next adventure 😉



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