Adults Only Desserts

When it has been a long day and the kids are FINALLY in bed, what could be better than curling up on the couch to some sweet treats? I’ve compiled a little list of the ultimate late night comfort foods. We all know, a late night treat is the best way to reward yourself for making it through the day and keeping your kids healthy, happy and alive lol.

You’re probably sick of the sight of yoghurt so here are some more indulgent ideas for adult-only desserts that you could whip up during the day and enjoy later in the evening:

Chocolate and Raspberry Torte

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A chocolate torte is about as close to pure indulgence as you can get. Make it with dark chocolate, which is at least 60% cocoa for a melt in the mouth filling. To counteract the bitterness, add fresh raspberries and drizzle with a sweet raspberry coulis. If you want to go one step further, make a shortcrust chocolate pastry, for a biscuity crust and double chocolate thrills.

Homemade Ice Cream 

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Shop bought ice cream is great, however, if you’re looking for something beyond the usual flavours, you could make your own at home. You could either invest in an ice cream maker, do it the old-fashioned way or blend up your favourite frozen fruits into a delicious fruity whip.  Alternatively, Deliveroo have teamed up with gelato shops around the country so you could order some fancy frozen desserts to your door without having to leave the sofa. Grab a spoon and put your feet up! (And don’t tell the kids!)


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There has probably been a distinct lack of booze since the little monsters have been around and whether that’s true or not, boozy desserts have probably been off the menu in favour of more child-friendly options. If you’re sick of jelly, try the most grown-up dessert there is. Tiramisu is probably an Italian classic and definitely an 80s throwback. Soak Italian dessert biscuits in coffee and give it an extra kick with a few glugs of rum or your favourite sweet liqueur; top it off with layers of Italian custard and mascarpone cream for a dessert that you’ll have to hide at the back of the fridge to resist eating all in one go…

Red Velvet Cupcakes 

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You’ve probably made enough cupcakes with the kids to last you a lifetime, however, they’re probably your standard vanilla buttercream affair. For an indulgent after dark treat, you can only make Red Velvet cupcakes. The deep red sponge is made with half the amount of cocoa to a normal cake and coloured with beet extract or red food colouring. The truly special part is the frosting, which is made with buttermilk or cream cheese as opposed to butter, which gives a tangy, smooth finish.

So once the kids are asleep, put some Netflix or Trash TV on and indulge in one of these treats, cause lord knows we’ve earnt it!

Author: Bec Crombie

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