Meet Daisy – our ’68 Viscount Duralvan

We have someone we would like you to meet. She’s beautiful, with to die for curves, has been around the bush, knows the best spots on the coast, and could tell a story or two. Her name is Daisy. And she is our Vintage 1968 Viscount Duralvan Caravan. She joined our fam early November 2017, on a total whim. A third life crisis perhaps? The product of learning to ‘live a little’ and be spontaneous? Either way. We love her. We’ve quickly become OBSESSED with the idea of our weekend away in her, creating memories as a family. We are also LOVING the whole Reno process (if only my husband didn’t have to work so much, we would have her finished by now!).

Here we are going to document our journey with her, from the Reno, to the maiden voyage and beyond. If you’re interested in seeing more ‘behind the scenes’ stuff, head on over to our very own Insta dedicated to this Van life biz 🙂


The best part of any good Reno is the Before and After Shots! Seeing the progress, from turning something, into nothing, and igniting a little spark of imagination and ‘I could do that’ in the next person. So here we are. At the beginning. The before photos.

We purchased Daisy off a man, who had previously purchased her from a 90 year old lady. She spent 2 weeks every summer up the coast in her. I love knowing the history of her. He had planned to do a full Reno, but his circumstances changed, and only got as far as repainting the exterior – Mint Green and White Glitter. Because of this quick turn around, Daisy came with ALOT of ‘junk’. Nothing was removed from when the old lady travelled in her – including knives, forks, calendars, Tupperware, honestly you name it and she had it!

I am such a little sentimental soul – and almost went to heaven when I discovered some beautiful retro / vintage Tupperware tumblers!! Another favourite find was a sweet little list list of ‘To Dos’ that the previous owner had written. It felt behind the beside table, where it stayed. Another little ‘aww’ moment, was discovering a Christmas card in one of the drawers. But my ALL TIME FAVE find was an Australian Country Womens Association butter knife – I was digging all the dirt and dust (there was ALOT) out once we removed the walls from near the dining table, and tucked right down, below the flooring there it was! Safe to say I was getting all the feels! Memories!

Please enjoy our Before photos, and appreciate just how much time, effort and patience it has taken for us to not divorce each other or re-home our kids during this removal process.


She has the cutest butt ! Fun Fact – AC is my husbands initials!

I absolutely love the ‘character’, her curves and lines!

Working hard? or Hardly Working?








The absolute sweetest knobs..

Bedside Table (which has since been removed – kept the knobs!)


Dining Table, Bench Seats which convert into a single bed.

Cupboard Doors removed ready for a fresh coat of paint.



Double bed


Cutlery Draw – with complimentary cutlery!

View from outside the door

I hope you have loved meeting our sweet girl Daisy. We look forward to many wonderful adventures with her, but first – lets make her pretty ! I’ve got GRAND plans, many floor plans and a budget that isn’t extravagant. I’m also slightly crazy, totally disillusioned and think we can probably smash it all out in approx 2 weeks flat lol. So sit back, and enjoy this wild (totally random, out of the blue) ride!


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