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It’s been 3 months since our Micro Scooters arrived at our door, and I’m honestly kicking myself we didn’t get them sooner! They make our adventures all the more fun, and the convenience of being able to keep them in the car, grabbing them out at a moments notice, is awesome. We often pull up alongside the beach when we are driving on Sundays, simply to ride our scooters and stretch our legs. I’ve received quite a few questions regarding our scooters and where they are from, so thought I would do a mini review, to not only help anyone who is considering purchasing one for a Christmas gift, but because I’m totally wrapped with the quality and functionality so want to share the goodness with you all! We love these so much that we are popping one under the Christmas Tree for Nylah (she keeps stealing her brothers, much to his dislike – that clearly does not go down well at all lol), and I am also hoping to get my own so that we can truly make our Scooter Crew a family affair!!


If you are currently considering a bike or balance bike this Christmas for your children, I would also factor in the idea of a scooter. Kruize has a bike and since receiving his scooter, his bike has not been ridden once. We find that the scooter is a lot more convenient as it is super portable and comes everywhere with us since it’s already in the boot!

Nylah having a sneaky turn whilst Kruize isn’t looking! 


Which Micro is for you??
Micro have a great range of scooters – age and weight play a factor in deciding which one to go with. There is a wealth of knowledge and information on Micro’s website which will help you in making the best choice for your family. When we were deciding on Kruize’s, we were choosing between the Mini Micro Deluxe (1-5yrs) and the Maxi Micro Deluxe (5 years +). We chose to go with the Maxi Micro Deluxe as it would provide us with more longevity, additionally, he is a solid boy and could do with a larger model. However it is such a personal preference and there are a few factors you will need to consider – mainly being weight, age, height and experience.

For the purposes of this review I will be sharing our experiences with the Micro Maxi Deluxe (5+)  and the Micro Black (Adult).

Micro Maxi Deluxe

Kruizey’s scooter is the Micro Maxi Deluxe aqua version – with pink accents! Previously to owning this one, Kruize had a cheap scooter from a local department store. It was configured with one wheel at the front and two at the back. Who said Pink is for girls 😛 Off the bat, I much prefer the two wheels at the front, which provides extra stability. It also makes ‘turning’ easier for the little ones, as they simply lean from side to side rather than turning a handle bar. Kruize picked up these movements quite easily (he had barely ridden his previous scooter – as it was really dodgy) and was riding confidently in no time.  Super happy with the workmanship of the scooter – it is sturdy, has held up well in a few *minor* crashes, and even has extra bumper padding on the ends on the handle bars for if they drop onto the ground (unlike the old school types where the padding easily breaks away and the metal handlebar frame is exposed).

The Goods:

  • Lightweight – Kruize can easily carry it.
  • Easy to learn
  • Front two wheels provide good stability
  • Variety of cool colour combos
  • Smooth riding and steering
  • Height adjustable handle bar so the scooter can go with them as they grow

It isn’t foldable, so maintains an L shape when packed away in the car. This isn’t a huge issue, as I just lay it on its side, and push it toward the back of our boot. And I’m still able to fit our pram in alongside it, however it would be a cool additional feature to add.

Generally Kruize keeps his handle bar at the lowest position, but we have found on the few times he has had it up higher that it slowly slides down. This can be fixed by tightening the bolt, we just haven’t had the tools on us at the time to do it, then forget about it to next ride.

Micro Black

We decided that we would get an adult scooter as well so that either myself or my husband could keep up alongside Kruize whilst the other pushes the pram with Nylah. This was most definitely a good idea, as that boy stops for no one lol. I was really surprised when I first rode it, how smooth and fast it was. Obviously I haven’t been on a scooter since my teenage years, but it is like riding a bike, you never really forget how to do it. The frame feels sturdy, I’m 75kg and didn’t feel like it was buckling under my weight (max 100kg), handles easily and glides like a dream. I can cruise along the footpath with minimal effort, and it maintains speed well.

The Goods:

  • It holds my husband lol
  • Really smooth ride, with minimal effort in maintaining speed
  • Folds in half, for easy transportation and storage.

I love that we are able to share this hobby together as a family. Kruize loves nothing more than beating us in a scooter race – although his Dad being the competitive person he is, doesn’t let that happen to often lol! We hope to continue our little Scooter crew adventures for many years to come 🙂

Should you purchase a Micro Scooter? I 100% recommend these whenever I am asked about our scooters, or scooter suggestions for children. They are high quality, ride amazingly and provide hours of entertainment for our entire family. I believe you get what you pay for, and most definitely noticed the difference in quality between this brand, and other scooters we looked at. As always, I really value the fact that money does not grow on trees, and aim to provide my readers with an honest review. I would not support, recommend or put my name to any product that did not meet my high expectations. I hope if you purchase these, that you are just as happy as we are with ours.


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