Hey Yo Mama

Hey yo Mama
So you’re expecting a baby? Up the duff ? TTC?  Got one fresh outta the womb? Well listen up (or read up, really).
Consider this your initiation. Kinda like the first wives club but THE MAMA CLUB. I’m going to run you through a few things you’ll need to know. Some will be super important almost immediately, others will make sense down the track.
First and foremost, trust your gut. Because she was best friends with your uterus for 10 months and she knows her stuff. She’s just as important as your heart and mind. Together they’re a team. They will tell you what’s best, even when seeds of doubt try and distract you. Trust them.
Secondly, what works for one, doesn’t work for another. Don’t compare yourself to others, or the things they do. Bath, dinner, bed ? Dinner, outside play, piano symphony, recite the encyclopaedia backward, bed? Destination is still the same right? (and incase you weren’t sure what the destination is. It’s Bed Time. Hallelujah Bed time!).
Ask questions. All the questions. Be a bank of knowledge, cause knowledge is power. You will most likely be inclined to ask questions, heck, you will probably even question (at 2 am after 3 hours of rocking back and forth) whether they handed you the wrong baby! But whatever you do, don’t question yourself, Or your mothering skills. You’ve got this, even when you feel like you don’t.
Harden that shell. There is something about that transition to motherhood, where the rest of society flicks some magical switch that enables them to become wisdom telling, opinion giving, judgemental *****. 9 times out of 10 you will need to block what people say out, because even if their opinion was *slightly* helpful – refer to point number 2.
Find your ‘thing’. Most mums use wine. Others, coffee. Some like a combo of the both. Coffee in the morning, wine in the evening. You’ll kinda rely on this thing from time to time (daily) to get you through. And while you’re on the path of finding things, find your tribe. You will need a bunch of crazy women around you who just ‘get’ you, get what you’re going through, and are happy to enjoy your ‘thing’ with you!
Familiarise yourself with Netflix, Pinterest, The best parking spot at the shops, the best cafe & playground combo, and last but not least, online shopping. After a long day, there’s nothing worse than sitting on the lounge and having nothing to watch, here is where Netflix will come in super handy! Whether it’s pinning activities that you will most likely never do, organisational tips so life ‘feels’ less chaotic, meal planning so you can actually eat one decent meal a day, or just generally frothing over beautiful things that seem so unattainable – it’s a distraction, a welcome one during those moments of confinement. The best parking spot – the one where you’ve got enough room to swing that back door wide open, it’s closest to your most frequented shops, and more than likely is at the nearest entry to your fave drinking spot to slide by on your way in.
Sometimes the best kind of therapy is retail therapy, but now that you’ve got a child, you will need more than retail therapy if you attempt a full day out at the shops. So the online shopping gods are your friends.
And Lastly, there will be days when you are pushed to your limit. when you’re just about ready to break. Days where you question your ability as a Mum. But remind yourself, THEY CHOSE YOU. Out of all the Mum’s in the world, your little one was sent directly to you. Savour the happy times and ride out the bumpy waves.. and always remember that you are never truly alone in Motherhood, we are in this together.

Author: Bec Crombie

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