Snickers Bowl

Recently, I’ve become an addict. I’ve tried hard to kick the habit because it’s sending me broke (it’s pretty expensive at $15 a pop – this adds up when you have it multiple times a week!). What am I addicted to you ask? Nice Cream / Smoothie Bowls, or more specifically Snickers Bowls! What are they? Just the most amazing burst of flavours – the perfect combo between smooth, crunchy, healthy & delish! Smoothies have been around for years and years – ever since someone invented the trusty blender I’m sure. However these little babies have become the ‘in thing’ of late, I think they can thank the ‘hipster’ folk for their claim to instant fame. Them or the vegans (if they are even separate entities from one another). Essentially, smoothie bowls are (other than being pretty self explanatory) smoothies, in a bowl (really!) topped with a variety of fruit, nuts and berries.

So once it was decided that I was addicted (like I had some kind of choice in the matter?), and my bank balance was very quickly dwindling (also lets acknowledge the logistics of driving 20+ mins and getting both kids out of the car – just to get your daily ‘fix’) It’s then that you know you have a ‘problem’. There obviously had to be a solution, and the only fathomable one was to start DIY’ing it. I pretty much began by googling / pinterest-ing the shit out of ‘smoothie bowls’.. looking for inspo on where the hell to begin in even constructing one of these beauties. I quickly came to realise it’s not rocket science (the exact portions of each ingredient are basically altered to your own personal taste).

What better way to celebrate my smoothie bowl addiction than to share my version of where it all began.. the ‘Snickers Bowl’.


3 Medjool Dates
2 Frozen Bananas – Chopped before freezing.
1 tablespoon of nut butter
1 tablespoon of cacao
1/2 – 1 cup of coconut water (play around with the amount – based on how ‘thick’ you want it)



Shredded coconut
Goji Berries
Fresh Fruit of choice – I prefer kiwi fruit or kiwi berry, strawberries, banana, blueberries
Seed & Nut mix
Chia Seeds, museli etc

‘Chocolate Sauce’
Combine a tablespoon of cacao with a tablespoon of coconut oil – great for drizzling over the top.




Author: Bec Crombie

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