Fathers Day Gift Guide Part 1

I have a little confession to make – I’m not the best gift giver in the world. And it is not for lack of trying, but more so because I want to give the BEST gift ever, that I over think, over analyse and put so much pressure on myself to purchase the ‘right one’, that I end up just not buying anything at all lol.

This year I was a little more determined to come through with the goods and deliver something Dad may actually like. In the past I have been known to buy ‘shared’ gifts for him, you know the kind, they are as equally his as they are yours – think waterproof camera, trips away, gold class movies etc. I mean, they are still fab gifts, and it is the thought that counts right ? (Even if you are thinking of yourself just a little lol). It truly gives meaning to what is yours is mine and what is mine is mine lol. ANYWAYS!

It’s a new year, I’m more organised than ever (or at least trying, that is key right?) and I’ve got such an exciting little haul of goodies to please any Dad or Grand Dad, which is worthy of sharing! I’ve put together a little series of Gifts to suit all budgets and styles.


Personalised Plates – 10% Off

This first one is especially for all of my Queensland readers, I’ve teamed up with Personalised Plates Qld to share with you all their exciting range of plates. They have also agreed to give us access to a discount code for this month only (Wooohoo ;)!)

So let’s get to the low down, the nitty gritty.. they have over 250 designs options available to choose from which includes his favourite footy team, hobby or colour combo, and they start at only $165*. Most of us would do well in choosing exactly what our partner would love, and the online ‘Create a Plate’ application allows you to see exactly what the plates will look like. You can play around with designs and colours, and even go as far as choosing the number / letter combos to see what is available.

I took to create a few different options to show my husband, bearing in mind his tastes and these are some of my fave plates I created for him;

The best thing about Personalised Plates is they’re owned for life, you only need to purchased them once (unless you want to change your letter/number combo), and have no on going annual fees.

So the discount code I spoke of earlier? Well they are giving all of my readers (YOU GUYS!) 10% Off 😉 using code MUM10 at check out.

Things to remember if buying this for Dad for Fathers Day;

  • the plates take 2 weeks to manufacture
  • offer ends 31st of August
  • If you can’t decide on what combo to get Dad – gift vouchers* are also available
  • Payments are made easier with PPQ layby* which is available from 4-7 months)

(** cannot use 10% off with the $165 plates, gift vouchers or layby)

Click here to test some plate combos and order.


Sudio Headphones
If your partner / husband is anything like mine – he’s obsessed with music. I love these wireless Sudio Headphones, so ordered a black pair for my husband. Perfect for the gym, travelling or gaming.

This article was presented in collaboration with Personalised Plates Queensland. All opinions are 100% my own.


Author: Bec Crombie

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