Judgey Mofos

This morning while I walked through the shopping centre with Nylah (who was completely undressed, apart from her nappy). the stares toward us (her) were constant, akin to the smell of her fresh vomit that seemed to follow our trail wherever we went.


I literally found myself feeling like an ashamed little puppy with my tail between my legs, daring not to make eye contact with anyone, and repeating the phrase ‘ok honey let’s get you into your clean clothes’ over and over, for the ears of each stranger who passed. Embarrassed beyond belief – it’s basically rule #1 in the going out with your baby handbook – always have a change of clothes. Fail.


As I quickly dashed through the aisles *mortified* looking for something (cheap) yet decent enough that we would use again, I was constantly met at every corner with judgey eyes. I could almost see people’s thoughts like a cloud lingering above their heads, with the main question being was ‘why is she not dressed’. I even overheard one old bitty exclaim to a friend ‘fancy bringing her out in THIS COLD without clothes’. Oh the shame.


If anyone was to dare upfront question me – I’d have two options ; the pity route ‘aw my poor baby just vomited everywhere’ or the unhinged don’t mess with this mama option (I’ll leave that to your imagination).


Sure we can look on the bright side .. I’ve *somehow* managed to survive an entire 18 months without needing a change of clothes 😂 and I bought a super cute little outfit for Nylah that I otherwise wouldn’t have. The reality is I probably should have known better, after all, I am two kids / 4 years deep into motherhood. But I can’t help but think how judgemental us humans are.


The interesting thing I realised is (whilst midway through the #mumlife equivalent of the walk of shame) you can NEVER really judge any situation / person, as you have absolutely no idea for their story.


That kid walking around with no shoes on? Perhaps he just threw them out the window before arriving at the shops and his mum is making a b line straight to Big W to grab a new pair?


The mum who’s sitting on her phone while her child is on the playground – maybe she’s making an important business deal? Or perhaps she’s paying bills? Or simply trying to connect with a friend whilst feeling isolated in motherhood?


The children on iPads whilst their Mum does the groceries ? Maybe it is the only way their mum can find 30 minutes to concentrate on getting all the essentials to feed the family for a week. And PLEASE for the love of all things great – stop with the ‘back in the day, our kids survived without ipads’, speak. Yeah, yeah they did, but they also were allowed to roam the streets until sunset whilst you got all of your chores, tasks and homemaker activities completed in peace and quiet! Kids these days are also far more intelligent, switched on, and have brains that require a lot more mental stimulation then back in ‘Ye old days’.


The ‘hyper’ child at the cafe chugging down a sugar filled milkshake.. perhaps that’s a reward for concentrating really hard at school all week?


Or in my case today – the baby who vomited all over herself in the middle of sportsgirl, who’s Mum failed to pack a change of clothes – simply because she’s never had to need a change of clothes before – lesson learnt, from here on out a nappy bag staple!


As the saying goes – you shouldn’t pass judgement until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes – now I don’t know about you guys but I’m not really fond of tinnea, sharing shoes or walking a mile, so I’ll just leave it at not passing judgement, ever. ✌🏽

Author: Bec Crombie

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