Camp Fire Fun; Pretend Play

Pretend play has to be one of the BEST things for little minds. Combine that with nature and the outdoors and it’s a total winner in our house. This little set up was SO simple, and provided hours of fun. The beauty of it is that you can just work with what you already have around the yard, and if you don’t have a lot of sticks, rocks or ‘greenery’, then collect some next time you go for a walk.

This was what I would call a ‘minimal guided’ activity. Meaning he built most of it, leading the way, with a little bit of assistance from me (e.g cutting the logs and the leaves). After the ‘fire’ had been constructed he excitedly ran inside looking for an old pot and spoon to use, and decided to fill the pot with water using his watering can. This would have also been the perfect pot to make mud pies in – maybe next time ;).


There is something about being outside playing that brings so much joy to both my kids. They absolutely love being out the back, which is also great for me because I can potter in the veggie patch (although to be honest, most of my time is spent ensuring they are playing safely and nicely together).

I hope you all enjoy this quick little pretend play activity, and I would love to hear what your little ones favourite nature based activities are?


Author: Bec Crombie

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