Do you Live for your Loved ones?

Do you live for your loved ones? When most people are asked that question, their answer is obviously going to be YES. Do you drive to live, by practising safe driving habits? Not all of us can as easily say YES to that one. Let’s take the pledge to drive safer, and aim for a Fatality Free Friday, this Friday the 26th of May.

When Personalised Plates Queensland contacted me to work on this campaign together, I instantly agreed because it is such an important cause. I have seen the devastation that road accidents can cause. In fact, most of us in our life have unfortunately probably seen a terrible accident (or the aftermath) when driving. What is often a few seconds of shock and horror for those of us driving by, is a life time of anguish for the love ones effected by these, often fatal accidents.

I’m not here to judge, or point fingers, however I would implore everyone reading this to take a second to think about your little ones. What would their life be like without you, or alternatively, your life without them? It’s unimaginable pain and devastation. Because of this, we MUST do everything in our powers to create a cultural shift towards safer driving practices. Road trauma DOES NOT discriminate, however we can ALL take the pledge to become more conscious and safe drivers. Put those phones down – Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, text messages – they can wait. If your children are distracting you, pull over until they have calmed down. It is better to arrive late, then not at all. Same goes for if they get out of their belts whilst you’re driving, pull over. Not only is it illegal, but an incorrectly buckled / undone seatbelt can be fatal. It is no secret that good habits start young, and when I was growing up, one of my strongest memories is Mum drilling into me that wearing a seat belt was non negotiable. Please ensure that your babies and children are strapped in CORRECTLY at all times.

Did you know that for every one fatality, there are also 20-30 serious injuries on the road?
And statistically, Men are more likely than women to be involved. So ladies, let’s chat to our hubbies about this also – I am always rousing on mine for snapchatting whilst driving. I think our men believe they are Superman and invisible, but this is definitely not the case unfortunately! It’s probably also a good idea for us to openly talk about road rage, and reacting if confronted. Once again, I know my husband would want to get out and confront someone if they were driving dangerously around our family, however this isn’t the smartest or safest option. I always remind him that he can report unsafe driving to police using number plate & car description – rather than taking actions into his own hands. I’m always so worried about one punch can kill scenarios too – they can change lives in an instant.

Believe it or not, road safety extends beyond the car. We should always be mindful of keeping ourselves and our little ones safe outside of the car – in car parks, crossing the road, walking along the footpath. Things I always try to consider when in these situations:

  • I always keep Kruize the furtherest from the road when walking along a path, this means that I  am closest to the road. It blows my mind how many little people I see walking either miles in front/behind of their parents near roads, cars can mount the curb so quickly and unexpectedly, we should be right next to our kids so if something like that happens we can hopefully throw them out of the cars path.
  • Don’t have children mingling at the back of the car whilst you strap younger ones in – I always open the door and have Kruize climb in side, then shut the door (which has a child lock), before I walk around the other side to buckle Nylah in – just so I know he is safe inside rather then out near other cars.
  • Before reversing out of driveway / garage – I ensure that I know exactly where both children are (if not in the car with me). If you are leaving kids behind with another adult – make sure the other adult is supervising them before you drive away.
  • Lastly, since Kruize is now walking more in public and not so much in the pram, we have been practicing looking left, right, left again before crossing the road. It’s as easy as adding it into your daily routine – we practice in the Kindy car park at drop off time. If we do repetitive tasks such as this, it will eventually become second nature for them 🙂

Personalised Plates Queensland is the proud sponsor of Fatality Free Friday, which encourages individuals to take the pledge to drive safer, and live for our loved ones. Will you take the pledge? Click here to take the pledge. This article was written in collaboration with Personalised Plates Queensland to raise awareness of safe driving practices.

Author: Bec Crombie

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