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Recently Nylah and I travelled to Sydney for a night to catch up with some friends and also attend the Bloggers Brunch hosted by Kids Business. We stayed at the Oaks Goldsborough at Pyrmont, and were treated to the Penthouse Suites – which is dual level and features a full kitchen, lounge, 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms – including a bathtub. It is a good family friendly option when it comes to booking hotels in Sydney, however I would say to be aware of location as it isn’t right in the heart of the CBD (which you may love!). It is close to Darling Harbour, the Convention Centre, a Tram Line, the Casino and just a short stroll to the Chinese Friendship Gardens, The Aquarium and the surrounding Harbour facilities. If you are going to book the 2 bedroom apartments, please be mindful that the living area is located on the entry level of the apartment, with the bedrooms down stairs, which personally for us we found a little odd / not super great with crawlers and walkers. Given that we were spending the majority of our time in the living area we had to figure out a way to prevent the kids from walking/falling down the stairs. Despite this, I would say it is a good choice for families who want more than just a hotel room, or for friends that need separate bedrooms. I have attached some pics below because I know you guys will want to get a little insiders view.

The Oaks staff were friendly and helpful, and didn’t hesitate when we required an additional Portacot – to bring it up and install it. We were also able to store our luggage prior to checking in so that we could explore the city. The only negatives I could speak about was the configuration of the apartment – which isn’t an issue unless you have young children, and the fact that our phone line wasn’t working (the fire alarm went off and we were unable to ring to find out what was going on nor travel down in the lift to ask). Overall, our experience at The Oaks Goldsborough was a positive one – the apartment was clean and tidy, nicely presented, staff were friendly and the beds were comfortable – which is the important things to me when choosing accommodation when travelling.

Stevie and I thought it would be nice to head to the Grounds of Alexandria for lunch once we unloaded our luggage to the hotel (and check out what all the fuss was about). To say it was an ‘experience’ is an understatement. We were almost killed by our taxi driver who thought it would be a smart idea to crash into a bus (his fault, yet somehow thought we would also make the ideal witnesses to plead his case??). Upon arrival, I must admit, it is such a beautiful place – especially for a green thumb like myself. The plants! They are everywhere! From the hanging pots in the restaurant, to the arch ways, garden corners etc. It is very lush. I can’t speak for Stevie, but I was feeling slightly overwhelmed. We arrived just around peak hour lunch time, which isn’t ideal when you have strollers and babies on board. After taking what felt like an hour to decide which area we would eat in (theres multiple options – restaurant, BBQ, cafe etc) we went with Pizza, and a super on trend hipster Lychee Coconut drink, complete with flowers and fancy garnishes. The Grounds has done well to cater to the littlest tribe members complete with a petting zoo / farm animals, a cubby house and backyard games. It definitely is a beautiful spot, however I would recommend not going in peak hour, as after the lunch rush finished it did die off and become a lot more tolerable. Enjoy our snaps from The Grounds of Alexandria below.


We had a whirlwind trip to Sydney, and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with our Insta pal Kirsty, and of course my birth buddies Stevie and Tayne. I would like to give a special thanks to The Oaks Group for hosting our stay. To continue reading the second part of our trip to Sydney which included the Bloggers Brunch event click here.


** This article was produced in collaboration with Oaks, however all statements are wholeheartedly my own honest opinions, which have not been coerced.

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