A Bohemian Tea Party

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For Nylah’s first birthday I decided to hold a Bohemian / Vintage / Garden Tea Party. I’m unsure what exactly it is about 1st birthday parties, but I always feel some (unwarranted) pressure to hold a nice one. I guess your baby’s first lap around the sun is significant, a milestone for the both of you. Which undoubtedly is worth celebrating.. with a big, fancy, over the top soirée.

The date crept up on me quite quickly, so I spent the weeks leading up to the event frantically pinning Inspo images on Pinterest (click here to follow me on Pinterest) as if it was contributing to ‘getting things organised’. In reality, I was actually avoiding going to the shops and spending ridiculous amounts of money on the entire affair, or doing anything substantially helpful to being one step closer to holding the actual party. So in true form, I left it until the week of, to REALLY start getting sorted. That week consisted of frantic dashes to Spotlight, Kmart, Ikea, Op Shops, Friends Homes (to borrow bits and pieces), all with a teething soon-to-be one year old in tow! I basically was at the shops almost every day as I’d end up forgetting something due to Nylahs irritability (screaming). Why am I telling you this? Because I would recommend NOT leaving it to the last minute. Be prepared people! Weeks, months if you have to. Hell, start gathering pieces as soon as you leave the hospital after giving birth.

In all truthfulness it wasn’t as stressful as it sounds, the crafting and decorating was enjoyable, it was the preparation of the food which was so time consuming (and the making of favours!) – especially with two children hanging around your ankles (this can easily be avoided if you purchase ready to heat type foods, have it catered and just dish out lollies as favours).

The Party
Guests were invited to arrive at 9:30 am where they were treated to an assortment of pastries, cakes, dips, cheeses, biscuits and sandwiches. Iced teas, juice and water were available in beautiful vintage glass dispensers to keep thirsts quenched. The children were free to play in our backyard, with rides in Kruizey’s Mercedes being orchestrated by my husband. For the quieter folk – Nylah’s teepee was set up in our entertainment area. We held a game of pass the parcel and also had a Pinata which the kids absolutely loved hauling all the lollies from. The atmosphere was relaxed and we were all able to mingle, chat and enjoy ourselves whilst the children played.


The Set Up
There were many different elements which were brought together to create the theme. The emphasis was on crochet, lace and floral, with a few woodland pieces to add a more earthy touch.

I ordered prints from Pocket Prints App, which you can choose pictures directly your Instagram profile. These were easily arranged on a wooden palette (you can find these at left over building sites etc – also check your local classifieds/gumtree as they are often getting rid of them!).

Glass Jars and Flowers are from Ikea – which I decorated using a white paint pen.

Teepee from Banana J Creations
Sign from Lenny Sunday

The Cake
This amazing cake topper was a collaboration piece between Shartruese & Gypsy Lane
and can be purchased (with the name of your choice) over at Shartruese

Kruize was simply stoked with the Cake!


The Outfit
Nylah’s special little party outfit;
Dress from Lacey Lane
Bow from Bonnie and Harlo
Shoes from Boho Leather Co

She had such a magical day and received so many beautiful gifts. Thank you to our amazing friends and fams for making her day so spesh.

Keep an eye out for a special little first birthday gift guide coming up on the blog shortly!


Peace and Love

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