5 Things Mums Should Treat Themselves To


When we become mothers our lives are flipped upside down and more often then not we get lost in this new world of changing nappies, deciphering the ‘type’ of cry and the sleepless nights. A sense of our former selves are LONG gone, but it’s important that we don’t lose ourselves completely to this new role. I have compiled a small list of things I recommend every mum treats themselves to, to help maintain a little ‘me’ when life becomes all about ‘them’. It is important to note this doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. This list will transcend across all styles and budgets (the items listed are suited to my lifestyle – put your own individual swing on pieces that are more uniquely ‘you’ 😘).

* A new  fancy shmancy wallet/purse – we basically lose the contents (or the actual) handbag when we become mothers. Long gone are the days (for now) of prancing around with a beautiful handbag on our arms – replaced by an oversized nappy bag packed with everything bar the kitchen sink + a screaming toddler who refuses to sit in the trolley. So treat yourself to a stunning new wallet/purse – helps maintain a little pre kids style whilst accomodating your #mumlife. Side note : mine clearly needs an upgrade! Wallet ~ Status Anxiety (www.statusanxiety.com.au)

* High quality day cream / tinted moisturiser – the mornings are chaotic for most of us, so it is for that reason that I absolutely love my tinted moisturiser and day creams. They are a quick fix for those sleepless nights. Help you feel a little more put together and are easy to use. My three faves – Dermologica $ (Pure Indulgence), Laura Mercier $$ (David jones) & Perricone MD $$$ (Mecca).

* Sunglasses – I’m a massive sunglasses gal (and subsequently love massive sunglasses 😂). Hides my tired eyes, helps me feel a little glam even when I’m just wearing trackies & a tee. And bonus points for avoiding eye contact when I’m not feeling up to making convo at the local park. Sunglasses ~ Valley Eyewear (www.valleyeyewear.com)

* 1 hour a week of YOU time. It is really hard to get time to ourselves when we are constantly surrounded by little people. But it’s important for our relationships, our mental health and also our soul to get that little bit of time alone. Even if it’s purely to sit on a bench by the beach and do absolutely nothing. It doesn’t have to involve spending money but if you do have a little extra left over – a massage or facial won’t hurt 😉 When I’m a little low on cash I love to treat myself to a face mask, body scrub or soak at home. There are some amazing little aussie businesses that offer products at affordable prices – such as Tiny Tonics as pictured below (www.tinytonics.com.au)

* A piece of clothing that makes your feel BEAUTIFUL no matter what shape or size you are. Our bodies go through so many changes during pregnancy and after birth so it’s important to feel beautiful in your skin no matter what size you are. Sometimes this is hard, really hard. When you’re no longer feeling as fab as you once were – but treat yourself to something that you can put on, on the good or bad days – and it instantly transforms your mood. My go to are stunning kimonos – they hide those few extra kgs, love handles or wobbly bits well. Kimono ~ Arnhem (www.arnhem.com.au)

Peace & Love

Bec x

Author: Bec Crombie

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