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I became an instant admirer of Jess’ label Bonnie and Harlo when I *excitedly* found out we were expecting a little girl. Not long after, I made my first (of soon to be many) purchases of these sweet bows. We quickly became friends & chatted back and forth about life, motherhood and business. I’m so excited to introduce Jess to you all (although I’m sure most of you would have already seen Bonnie and Harlo grace your social media pages) as our very first ‘Boss Babe’. She’s an amazing mumma to 3 beautiful kiddies, a wifey, an inspiring business woman who’s incredibly creative and driven, and lastly but not least – the face behind one of my fave inspo accounts ‘Mummas Got Style’.

Jess was inspired to create ‘Bonnie and Harlo’ over a year and a half ago in March of 2015, by her little wildflower Bonnie. She finds constant motivation in her three children Tyler, Nixon and of course little Bonnie. Owning a business is extremely challenging, especially when you are a ‘one woman show’ as Jess explains. However the highlights of seeing her products on gorgeous little wildflower babes, and sharing special milestones moments with customers is what helps push her through the tough times – alongside a little self pep talk – which Jess says gets her out of her ‘funk’.


I recently sat down with Jess and asked her a few questions about juggling business, life, motherhood and all the in betweens. Here is a little look into her world;

How do you juggle being a mum and business owner?

Being a full time working from home mum is often a juggling act, and Im not a very good juggler. I do my best each day to make sure my kids have everything they need and hustle hard during nap times and when they go to bed at night. (lots of very late nights here). I do have to do alot of work during the day also but it is interupted work so one thing can take a lot longer than it should.


What is one of the best things about owning a business ?

That my children are able to see me everyday working so hard doing what I love and teaching them that with a lot of hard work you can achieve big things.

What is the most challenging thing about being a working mum ?

That I dont physically go anywhere to work – so my kiddies are with me while I work and this can be tough – mum guilt comes in alot (because  of work are they watching too much tv, not eating enough healthy foods, am i spending enough time with them???)  Totally normal stuff for any mum.


What tips would you give to someone wanting to start their own business ? Go for it, give it a go but dont think it will be easy because nothing happens without a lot of hard work & commitement.

As a fellow mum, I know how important it is to take care of yourself in order to properly take care of others. What’s one thing you like to do to when you get ‘you’ time to treat yourself?

EEEK what is you time?? I have been focusing on getting fit so that I can ensure my body is working the best it can each and every day. Although exercise is not something I enjoy it is a little time out from being mum.


We hope that you enjoyed this instalment of ‘Boss Babes’, if you would like to connect further with Jess, you can find her and her AMAZING range of bows (& the soon to be released Wildflower Wardrobe clothing collection!!) over on Instagram – or her store

img_1466Nylah wearing her ‘Bonnie and Harlo’ faves

Author: Bec Crombie

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