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With the baby and children’s retail industry being so huge, it can often be overwhelming  when it comes to making purchases for a newborn / baby. There are so many beautiful products on the market, and depending on your budget & style – it can either be a free for all or like finding a needle in a hay stack. Personally, I’m not one for buying things for the sake of buying them (despite what my husband thinks – ‘Yes babe WE really did need those new bed sheets, doona, 50 thousand throw cushions and knitted blanket’ lol). Given this, I decided to put together my ‘Baby Essentials Guide’ – a compilation of all of my  favourite products from some of the very best Australian brands around. Whether you are anxiously awaiting your first little darling, or you are popping out number 8, this guide will be useful! I have tried and tested ALOT of baby & kids products over the 3 years I’ve been doing this Mum gig, some exited the house as quickly as they arrived, where others have hung around to service us with baby #2.

The products featured in this guide are everything I would include if I was (filthy) rich and could afford to make up a massive hamper for every baby shower I attended. However, sadly, most of my friends are done with the ‘baby shower days’ (they are all on subsequent babies except for one or two – who I’m *patiently* waiting to join the mum train) and, sadly again, I’m not filthy rich to be able to gift these products to every pregnant lady I know. So the next best thing was to create the guide for all to enjoy, spread the love around & give one lucky mumma the chance to win prizes from every brand within the guide!

I would also like to add, not only are the products/brands featured here of AMAZING quality, but the super women behind each and every store are HARDWORKING, kind and supportive Mums who have been so generous to donate a prize each for our give away. THANK YOU ALL!!! If you see a product you LOVE within this guide, click the store link for easy purchase!

** Please note, this guide does not include ‘big ticket’ items as these will be discussed in a later blog post.**

Milkbar Breast Pumps – Breastfeeding Pillow & Breast Pump 

Available for purchase at

These two products are an absolute MUST to enjoy a successful breastfeeding journey (and save your back/neck/shoulders + sanity). In the coming weeks I will be sharing more about our breastfeeding journey and what I’ve used to get me through the tough times! Keep an eye out! Diana at Milkbar Breast Pumps has everything you need to get you started – whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, her store has the goods. 

Chuck and Taz Pram Liner

Pram liners – they look super flash and help jazz up the pram, but you don’t really realise how much you NEED a pram liner until your baby has a poo explosion through their nappy, clothes and pram. Luckily for me, I knew how messy poo explosions could be thanks to our little buddy Kruize (who was a master at them!) and had already prepared my pram with 2 fab liners from @chuckandtaz prior to her arrival. And THANK GOD I did, because on our second outting – Nylah did the mother of all poo explosions, and our pram liner saved the day! Catherine has an amazing collection of liners for an array of prams, check them out at

Chekoh Babycarriers

I’m not going to lie, I never really jumped on the whole ‘baby wearing’ band wagon with Kruize. I was (and still am) a MAJOR pram snob. It probably has something to do with my years spent swooning over gorgeous looking prams pre marriage & pregnancy. Along with the pram snobby-ness, Kruize was a very heavy baby (and nothing has changed today at 2.5years/20+kgs) so I found it hard to carry him – however if I had a Chekoh back then it may have been a lot more enjoyable. Fast forward 2 years and I knew that the only way I was going to ‘survive’ the Mother of two gig, was by having a beautiful carrier for Nylah to hang out in while I chased Kruize around! We use both the Wraps & Ring Slings from Chekoh and I think they are FAB! Beautiful soft fabrics and super easy to use. Personally I prefer the ring sling as its quicker to put on.

Chasing Stella Wraps & Burp Cloths

Two must haves for newborn babies are Baby wraps & Burp Cloths – and Chasing Stella has both in the most beautiful fabrics. The wraps are also the perfect size to use as a bassinette sheet, which is what I am currently using ours for. Not only does she stock beautiful girl orientated fabrics with sweet little lace trims, but there is also fabrics that are gender neutral and boy orientated. Emma has also created burping clothes using her fabric range, with terry towelling on the back – which helps to make them more absorbent. We don’t leave home without our burping cloth as you can guarantee if I did, Nylah would power spew for sure! Check out Chasing Stella’s entire at

Kippins Comforter

If you haven’t already seen the Kippins Tribe then you must be living under a rock. These little guys are the cutest (certified organic) comforters floating round! Kruize still uses his comforter that we had for him when he was a baby, so it was super important to me that I purchase one for Nylah aswell! I know how special they are to little ones so wanted to make sure that I chose one that she would be able to treasure for the next few years. I love the Kippins range as they have 4 arms/legs attached to the body, and at the end of these arms/legs are knots – which you can untie and attach a pacifier to if need be. The knots also make an awesome teether! Heather has done an outstanding job creating a range that is not only on trend and adorable, but GOTs certified – so you know that what your babes are putting in their mouth are 100% safe! Alongside Kippins, Heather has taken over Bibalicious – a beautiful organic Bib label. You can purchase Kippins at and bibs by Bibalicious at 

Little Sea Luxe Nappy Clutch / Mumma Wallet

For months and months I had been searching for the perfect nappy wallet (one that would carry the ‘necessities’ + wallet + phone) for those quick trips, without me having to haul my entire nappy bag around. I was almost ready to give up (and make my own) until I thankfully stumbled across Little Sea Luxe ( and instantly knew they were exactly what I was after. I chose their beautiful Palm Leaf print, however Jess and Bec have a range of fabrics suitable for all styles / tastes. Not only do you receive the wallet, but a matching change mat is also included, along with a fab leather tassel (you can purchase additional tassels as they are inter-changeable). Inside the wallet are pockets which are perfect size to store wipes, creams & lotions, mobile phone and a sneaky stash of lollies! Available at

Forever3paperie – Baby Keepsake Book

I’m a big fan of recording all of your baby’s special milestones in a keepsake book and Forever3paperie’s range ticks all the boxes – which includes pages dedicated to teething, the first year, hand and feet prints, the labour story and each birthday up until 5 years. I decided on a beautiful unisex Natural style version which has dream catchers, feathers and arrows. Sam also has some stunning Milestone cards for pregnancy and the first year, alphabet flash cards, keepsake and memories tins, and name buntings!

Pine.Twine Name Blocks

What better way to decorate a little shelf in your baby’s nursery then with a set of sweet little name blocks. Each block features 1 letter and a group of designs/images. We went with a Boho style which features arrows, feathers, dreamcatchers, flowers, a deer and a peace sign in a pine / white finish. These blocks are also perfect to use in a birth announcement as we did, or for featuring in newborn photos. Custom orders available at

Tres Collective – Custom Homewares

Not only did I have Holly create two beautiful custom name wall hangings that I gifted to my friends on the birth of their babies, but she also made an amazing wall hanging for Nylah’s room. Featuring a quote that I absolutely love, surrounded by a stunning Boho style wreath, with 3 tribal feathers hanging from it – to create a magical dreamcatcher wall plaque. One of these feathers was then used for my birth announcement photo as the ‘weight’ symbol. Holly has an amazing range of products on her website including a dolls house & accessories, peg board pals and keyrings! Check them out at

Nenni and Tom Barrier Spray 

Not going to lie, when I found out I was having a little girl I was slightly nervous about nappy changes and all the creases. However when I found Nenni and Tom’s barrier spray I knew it would be perfect to use rather than heavy store bought barrier creams which are super thick and messy to apply. This is definitely one of those products that I’m glad I found and it really is one of my ‘must haves’. It is all natural with no parabens or fragrances, sprays on light (don’t need to use your hands to rub it in – win!), and helps prevent and sooth nappy rash. Nenni and Tom also have a lovely bath milk in their range.

Bonnie and Harlo Accessories

This one is for the Mummas of little girls! One of my first purchases when I found out I was expecting a baby girl. Jess creates the most beautiful little bows on soft headbands – and her range includes fabric, leather, suede, lace and glitter. Nylah rarely ventures out without one!

Two Darlings Co Clothing and Accessories

Emma from Two Darlings creates gorgeous handmade pieces for babies which include bonnets, dresses and playsuits. We were lucky enough to score the sweetest little reversible linen bonnet which Nylah wears when the days are colder. 

Chasing Rivers Clothing

I have been a fan of Chasing Rivers since before they launched their first collection. Raquel has created the perfect unisex range which includes beautiful nature inspired prints featuring Wolves and Owls. They are made using organic cotton, which not only is soft and stretchy but safe on your babes skin. Keep an eye out for their second collection launching soon!

Lion & Lamb Kids – Interiors

If you are looking for beautiful hand tie dyed wraps, or boho style decorations then Lion and Lamb Kids has it! We are lucky enough to own a few pieces from their current range including a beautiful turquoise wrap, a set of boho arrows and a string of boho wooden beads. The boho arrows are perfect for decorating a room for either gender (as I have one in both of my babies rooms!), they also make an awesome flat lay prop and can be used as the ‘length’ component in a birth announcement image! Fallon did an amazing job hand painting a set of boho wooden beads for us, which we have hung in Kruizes’ room. Visit to see all of the fab pieces she makes! 

Finch and Finn – Teething Jewellery

Finch and Finn create lovely accessories for Mummas that are baby friendly (and actually perfect for teething babies to chew on). Their range includes Silicone and Wooden beaded necklaces, bracelets and bangles, with all being made from non toxic materials that are free from nasty chemicals. There is a beautiful range of colours and styles to choose from – 

Boho Leather Co

(Formerly Little Mocca Shop) This has been one of my fave stores to buy baby shoes from since Kruize was a baby! She has the most delightful collection of high quality moccs and sandles, and has now branched out into beautiful leather goods for the mummas ! I could not resist purchasing a pair of Sandles for Nylah and am waiting ever so patiently for them to fit her. I cannot wait to see the new pieces that will be coming soon to Boho Leather Co and am sure I’ll want to snag one of everything, I may even add something for myself to the cart ‘accidentally’. 

Pop Ya Tot Dummy Chains
Pop ya Tot dummy chains have saved my sanity on a number of occasions. Although dummy’s don’t seem like something you could easily lose – when you do, they are the hardest thing in the world to find, especially when your baby is mid melt down. This is why I absolutely would be lost without our Pop Ya Tot chain – firstly, because I can clip it on Nylah’s outfit and know that it won’t fall onto the floor (or be stolen by her big brother) and secondly because there is a chain attached to the dummy – it is a lot harder to misplace.



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