Shower Vs Bath 

Once upon a time I was one of those ‘regal’ ladies, that enjoyed a delicate petal floating bath, with essential oil aromas filling the room whilst candle light flickered off the tiles and sounds of relaxation filled my ears. Fast forward a swift 3 years (they say time flies when you’re having fun, I beg to differ.. time flies once you have kids, yet some days it D R A G S on like sunset will never arrive!) anyways as I was saying, fast forward 3 years and the whole bath vs shower decision is more than a simple questionnaire of;  ‘Do I want to wash my hair or would I rather submerge myself in water?’

These days there is a complexity to this question like no other; firstly if I somehow manage to score some RARE child free bathing time then its a fricken miracle and I should be running out to buy a lotto ticket not heading for the bathroom. But if by some aligning of higher powers I do get the chance to make this once relatively easy decision, I then enter into a debate as to whether its shower or bath time. The pros and cons swirl around in my head similar to that rubber ducky trying to escape being sucked down the drain, post toddler bath time.

One would assume that the decision would be a fairly simple one – BATH of course – enjoy that soak girrl! err no. You see.. Baths are a beautiful place to relax in silence. Silence, that word that escaped our vocabulary, home, life, the moment our little (big) coconut of mine flew (literally) into the universe that faithful afternoon of Friday the 1st of August 2013. I know that the majority of Mums reading this would say, ‘Jump in the bath, let hubby deal with the kids, enjoy your time!’ and yes TOTALLY valid point, however, listening to my kids screaming the house down while my husband is out there struggling aka seeing exactly what I’ve ‘done all day’ is not my idea of relaxation. Guarantee, again, most mums would relish in that ‘Haha sucker’, and yes while it would be hilarious for him to come crawling back apologising profusely for under valuing my lack of ‘house work’, it just honestly is not relaxing.

Now, when I have the opportunity to do things that I used to do pre kids, and they aren’t as enjoyable as they once were, I tend to resent the activity altogether. So the times I’m presented with the shower vs bath option I quickly run through the choices – pros vs cons – evaluate the current status of both the babies moods and generally it means I opt for a shower – it does a sufficient job at muffling the noise! And when I do get to ‘indulge’ in a ‘relaxing’ bath, it tends to be with 20 extra toes, bath salts (aka sandpit sand) and an entire audience of little floating toys! #mumlife

Happy bathing mummas 😜


Author: Bec Crombie

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