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Dorothy’s Teacup Ride

For Christmas, both Ava and I were gifted annual passes to Dreamworld & White Water World on the Gold Coast, Australia. While I was pregnant we took Kruize a few times (mainly to take advantage of the summer season – water rides etc) however I obviously could not take him on any rides given my state +  and most aren’t father coconut size friendly. Since Nylahs’ birth we have been quite regularly (it’s a great weekday ‘bribery’ mechanism for Kruize leading up to the weekend –  hey #survival lol).

Given that we have two little ones (one that requires regular breastfeeds / nappy changes) doing anything takes a substantial amount of time. Because of this, we try and choose a different ‘area’ to conquer each visit. Last weekend we decided that we wanted him to experience all that the Wiggle World / ABC for Kids had to offer – and that included riding the Teacup Ride (yipee *eye rolls* what parent loves getting insanely dizzy, quickly followed by trying to guide a toddler off said ride). It’s definitely something that needs to be riden as a kid – they think it’s the funnest thing ever although it honestly feels like this ride was purely invented just to mess with parents. Anyways off we trotted..after a super brief line up – THANK GOD! Because if your toddler is anything like mine – he kinda (fully) doesn’t get the whole ‘waiting your turn’ gig – I hate it, it makes me look like the worlds shittest parent who hasn’t instilled any rules and manners into his life #whatever – tried and failed (for now). On we get, spin, spin, spin, spin *holy shit I can’t see straight* spin some more… And we’re DONE! Tick ✔️ *dammit, post tea cup ride headache ensues*

Side note.. Am I the only one who says things to my child purely for the benefit of the parents around me – in an attempt to not be rude/act like I don’t care about my child’s behaviour?

Me: ‘Kruize, we need to wait our turn sweetie, these people were here before us’

Kruize: *zero cares given to what was just said.. Continues trying to creep to the front of the line*

Me: ‘Kruize, those people are before us, if you can’t wait your turn you won’t be riding the ride’ (let’s be honest – we all know that after waiting for however long we have already been waiting, I sure as hell am not leaving the line and having to come back to line up another time 😂).

Check out so of our other snaps from ABC Kids World below ..

What kid doesn’t love giant ice creams!
Giggle & Hoot Pirate Ship


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