Taronga Zoo – Sydney

One of my absolute favourite memories as a child was the times that Mum and I would travel from Brisbane, down to Sydney to visit my Aunty and Uncle. We would always go and spend a day at Taronga Zoo (TZ). We would sit and watch the chimpanzee for hours – any doubt that these animals are not the closest species to humans will be quickly removed upon watching their uncanny ‘human like’ personalities. I am a massive lover of animals, and if there is any type of zoo ‘Bucket List’ then this is one you want to add and tick off. Having visited quite a few zoos along our travels through the Pacific & Asia (all with varying standards of quality and humanity) Taronga Zoo presents one that is well resourced, clean & tidy, with most importantly – animals that are treated humainly and fairly.

Even now, at 28, each time I travel to Sydney I make a day trip to this special place. Recently, when returning back to Australia from Hawaii on a cruise (separate post) we disembarked in Circular Quay, Sydney. It came without question that we would carry on the tradition and take Kruize for his first TZ experience.

Getting There:
One of the the best things about the Zoo is how it is accessible by varying forms of transport; ferry, bus, car. We took the ferry from Circular Quay to Mosman (conveniently there is a ferry stop specific for the zoo. A combined ticket for entry to the Zoo, return ferry trip & sky safari (cable car ride) can be purchased easily at Circular Quay ticketing booths (A$55/4-15yrs$30).

The Goods:
Having always visited the zoo childless, it was definitely an interesting dynamic when navigating with a toddler in tow. Thankfully it is extremely pram friendly with lifts, escalators and ramps easily accessible. Another point that I think is important to note is that the entire complex is an achievable feat for one day. We didn’t feel rushed to have to quickly dash through the exhibits so we didn’t miss anything. We were able to take our time, visiting each enclosure at Kruizes’ pace, stop for lunch, drinks, nappy changes etc.

We decided that we would love for Kruize to have the opportunity to interact with one of the animals whilst there, so we booked in to participate in the giraffe feeding – it wasn’t too expensive $20 and allowed for all four of us to participate and receive a photo. The waiting in line in the heat for the show / feeding to begin whilst trying to keep a toddler quiet and still was a bit killer (thankfully they DID have a shaded area for us to line up under!) However once it was our turn Kruize thought it was AWESOME. We were each given a carrot to feed the giraffe and then we posed for a photo.

The Negs:
I must admit, this time round I was slightly disappointed that a few of the exhibitions/displays were empty (orangutans, gorillas and tigers). I’m sure there was obviously a good reason for these guys being absent, however as a paying patron, I thought a notice / sign should be displayed before entry / ticket purchase points.

As with all of these ‘theme park’ type places, the price for food, drinks, snacks (and merchandise) are HIGHLY inflated. Generally when we visit such places we try and pack a little selection of food & drinks – as most parents with toddlers/children know – when they want something they want it NOW. And by now I obviously mean 10 minutes ago! However, having just jumped off a ship, we clearly didn’t have access to, or the forethought to pack a lunchbox full of food (and even if I did – I wasn’t about to fuss with customs declarations upon disembarkment – hey our focus was more on smuggling off as much duty free alcohol as we could lol). This left us with only one option = $15 sandwiches lol. If possible, I’d definitely recommend at the bare minimum bringing iced / cold water and some fruit – as there is only one eatery, and guaranteed the kids are going to be SOOOO HUNGRY when you are the furtherest away from it.

Overall, we had an enjoyable (& hot) day as a family, sharing with Kruize one of my favourite holiday places to visit as a child. Next time we return it will be with our little Nylah aswell 🙂

Below are a few of my favourite snaps of our day.


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