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For me, one of the most exciting things about expecting a baby is constructing/styling a precious little nursery. This was especially the case this time around since we found out we were expecting a little girl. I decided early on that I wanted to do my own take on a Boho / Vintage / Natural style nursery. I found Pinterest a great place for Inspo, and of course Instagram provided an equally awesome spot – for both shopping & ideas.

Having already had the essential pieces from when I had Kruize (such as the basinette and cot – which he is currently still using hence why it isn’t in here yet) which would still work within our theme – the hard choice of furniture was pretty much out of the way with the except of a change table. I decided to go with a chest of drawers with change mat on top, and quickly found the ‘perfect’ one at IKEA – The Mandal (p.s it ALWAYS pays to look in the ‘seconds’ section at Ikea.. after loading up our trolley with the chest of drawers we checked in the seconds section and found one for half price – it only had a small mark in an unnoticeable spot = WINNING. I’m still trying to get the ‘as is’ words in permanent marker off a part of the timber though lol). After buying that, I was left to concentrate on the decorative items. YAY the fun part! I’m probably guilty of having too many decorations – but it will allow for a bit of variety & ability to change things around frequently (which we all know nesters do multiple times a day prior to baby’s arrival – GUILTY).

It was important for me (& my wallet) that I kept to a budget. Not everyone can afford a $5000 nursery fit for North West, and even if you can – I personally prefer to spend my money on more important items such as pram, carseat etc (I will have a Save Vs Splurge post up soon too!). There were many pieces I found online that were stunning and ‘perfect’ however totally ridiculously priced that I couldn’t justify the cost no matter how amazing they were. I also wanted to support Australian made & work at home mums where possible – so have sourced alot of the products from Instagram.

I have included a supplier list at the bottom of this post – hopefully this is useful for some other Mummas.

** Please excuse the shocking quality of the photos – Kruize nicked off with my SD card for our camera so I was left to use my phone **

Flower Crown – @crownedandco www.crownedandco.bigcartel.com.au
Mini Teepee – @henry_and_arlo www.henryandarlo.bigcartel.com
Wooden Animals – @minimacko www.minimacko.com.au
Leather Shelf Straps – @h_and_g_designs www.handgdesigns.com
Kids of the Ocean Print – @ivyinvite www.ivyinvite.com.au
Knot Hanging Pot & Basket – @thecolouredknot www.thecolouredknot.com.au
Arrow – @lionandlamb_kids www.lionlambkids.bigcartel.com
Ceramic Swan Vase – Typo
Cannisters – Big W & Kmart
Sandals – @littlemoccashop www.littlemoccashop.com
Lace Tambourine – @johnyandjunedesigns
Daisy Vase – Typo
Wooden Bunny Ornament – Target
Bunny Jar – Woolworths
Cactus & Vase – Kmart
Flowers – Ikea & Spotlight
Chest of Drawers ‘Mandal’ – Ikea
Hobbe ‘Oslo’ Rocker – @hobbeaustralia www.hobbe.com.au @myhandsome_ www.myhandsome.com
Claudine & Ash ‘Havana’ Nappy Bag – @claudineandash www.claudineandash.com
Macrame Wall Hanging – Tree of Life
Side Table – Kmart
Dream a Little Dream Cushion – Target
Crochet Cushion – Tree of Life
Pouffe – Op Shop
Rug – Kmart
Halco Fawn Lamp – Online at various stores.
Custom Plywood Plaque – @trescollective www.trescollective.com.au
**The Space above the bassinette is still awaiting a DIY project I’m almost finished – I will be doing a DIY tutorial post on the piece when it is completed. **
Dreamcatcher – @feathers.dreams.love www.feathersdreamslove.com.au
River Kippin Comforter – @kippins_ www.kippins.com
Hazel Village Fawn – @hazelvillage @wildandwhimsicalthings www.hazelvillage.com www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au
Lace Teepee – @Banana_J_Creations www.bananajcreations.com.au
Flower Crown – @eversoinlove www.eversoinlove.com
Custom Ply Wood Plaque – @trescollective www.trescollective.com.au
Wall Prints – Etsy Digital Files
Photo Frames – Kmart
Faux Wool Rug – Kmart

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Author: Bec Crombie

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