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*originally published on our previous website 25th January 2016*


The aim of this blog isn’t to be your typical ‘mummy blog’. Why? Because I’m more than ‘just’ a Mum. Yes being a Mum is one of, if not the most important ‘jobs’ anyone could have the privilege of upholding, and yes, most days it does define who I am. But I have more to offer and contribute to this world then being ‘just a mum’.

So aside from being a Mum, who am I? I’m Bec, 28, I’m married to my hardworking husband Ava, and we are parents to one crazy little coconut Kruize, with a little bebe Wildflower due to make her presence into this world very shortly. We are currently living in beautiful Brisbane, Australia. Now.. the knitty gritty.. I’m a teacher, an adventurer, a wife, a foodie, a traveller, a reformed & relapsed caffeine addict, a creative soul, a friend, a DIYer.. It’s funny, when you sit down and truly try and describe yourself, how hard it actually is! Finding words that accurately describe who YOU think YOU are, compared to how the world may perceive you. Constantly questioning “Does this word make me sound conceited? Do I sound weird? or Snobby? or Fake?”

If I’ve learnt anything in the past year (around the time parenting challenges really stepped up a notch – I will address this in a later post!) it’s to truly not give a shit about the perceptions other people have of you. It’s super easy to say things to yourself like ‘I don’t care what others think’, but when you REALLY actually mean it, its a whole other level. It’s freeing. I’m at this place in my life now where I can honestly say that I simply do not care for the opinions of others and their judgement of myself. Yes the above words describe me – how I see me, and that is all that matters, cause after all – you are the one person who knows yourself better than anyone else! Believe it, own it and love it – even if some days you want to hate it!

This isn’t my first time entering the land of blogging. When Kruize was a newborn I had a blog, however it soon became less of a priority when both motherhood duties and Coco & Ivory took over my life. The main topic of the blog was my musings (or ramblings – mainly late at night mid breastfeed) about being a new mum. This time round is a little different. Our label is taking a new direction – which will be revealed when I return from maternity leave. My life is of more ‘substance’ now, than it was 2.5 years ago. I’m hoping to provide a fresh and real perspective on motherhood, our family adventures, lifestyle, food and all that’s in between. I also have some amazing ladies/mummas who will also be contributing along the way. I think it is important to remember that life is not picture perfect 100% of the time (hell, I’m lucky if I’ve got my shit together 25% of the time) but nothing worth loving ever is! Our life is wild, it’s messy & a bit quirky.. so follow along and enjoy.. even if its just for a few free laughs at my expense!

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